HSSE assurance strategy

HSSE assurance strategy

Responsibility, transparency and competency are key values for us and for our clients.

Our third-party assurance service embraces the qualification of suppliers, personnel competency and projects execution


We are inspired by internationally recognized standards and practices (e.g. OSHA, IOGP RP).  We do integrate with

corporate specifications and specific JV HSSE procedures always in respect of local legislation, offering an independent

and transparent view of the HSSE management system and its implementation at site level.


HSSE Assurance Strategy:

  • Level 1: HSSE Qualification of Contractors and Subcontractors
  • Level 2: Assessment of HSSE competencies of personnel with key responsibilities for the project
  • Level 3: Assessment of HSSE implementation of standards at project’s execution stage
  • Level 4: Local HSSE resources trained to manage internal HSSE audits


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