Safety is our priority

Safety is our priority

Safety is our priority. Today we would like to introduce a lighter subject: it is a curiosity that will help you get to know our company better and what we are proud of.

Did you know that the Arteak logo is present in a video game?  It is the WRC game that was released this year!

Arteak is one of the sponsors of the Ford Fiesta of the 2020 World Rally Championship.

The WRC (World Rally Championship) is the world’s top rally car competition.

The championship includes a series of stage races (currently 13) held in countries around the world from the end of January to the beginning of November:  each race consists of a certain number of timed trials, called special stages, generally divided into three-day competition (usually Friday, Saturday and Sunday).

At the end of each race, the times of each special stage are added up and the victory goes to whoever has the lowest time.

The races are held on all types of tracks: asphalt, gravel, snow and ice depending on the location and weather conditions.


Although WRC and HSSE are two separate worlds they have aspects in common as well: a lot of training and practice. This is fundamental to achieve good results.

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