Meet Arteak : Pisanuwat Sirijarutus

Meet Arteak : Pisanuwat Sirijarutus

My name is Pisanuwat Sirijarutus, I am a Construction Safety Lead for Arteak with the privilege of leading a team of safety advisors in Thailand. Our work for our client Shell is essentially to promote a safety culture throughout the projects and company.


Having near 40 years in the HSE industry, every day I have the honour and pleasure to convey the knowledge and skills I have accrued during my career to my team and watch them grow and develop whilst they use their skills to bring safety to the men and women working with our client and their contractors.


One thing I always try to teach my team is that we always are learning, even me at this stage in my career it is important to have humility, listen, and learn as it is in this way that we continue to grow and develop and to not be complacent in what we do so that those men and women we work with everyday get to go home every night safe to their families. “


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