Congratulations to our Rope Access Team!

Congratulations to our Rope Access Team!

We are pleased to celebrate all the great success that our teams achieved all over the world.


Tangguh expansion:  thanks to the very good performance of our Rope Access Team under construction department each member received the award of best safety performance this month.


During the ceremony the team members received the awards handed by the CSTS SITE Safety Manager.

The Award is the result of our continuous effort to deliver Top quality work with the safest way possible. This is why I included all members of the Rope Access Team.

The team worked hard to achieve the needs of the Client as part of the construction Department.

The efforts leaded the team to higher levels of performance every day, always following the standards and the main mission of ARTEAK LTD: building safety excellence.


RAT Members that received the award:

  • Jason Oettle, Team leader.
  • Ciprian Pascu, Team leader.
  • Fery Padli, Level 3 IRATA Technician.
  • Ignatious Ponky, Level 3 IRATA Technician.
  • Hari Surahman, Level 2 IRATA Technician/gas tester.
  • Khafid Rifai, Level 2 IRATA Technician/gas tester.
  • Sukmaramadona, Level 2 IRATA Technician.
  • Denny Soelaeman, HSE Advisor.
  • Trian Garci Pinontoan, HSE Advisor.
  • Pandu Rachmatullah, Permit Holder.


We are very thankful to all the people that work with us and help us spreading and building all over the world Arteak safety excellence.


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