When a worker’s fall-arrest system prevents a fall from height, it means that the person was certainly saved from the trauma of the fall.  However, once the fall has been arrested and the worker stopped, a less known hazard begins to set in: the Harness Hang Syndrome also known as Orthostatic Intolerance, or Suspension Trauma.

This syndrome is the development of pre-syncopal symptoms and loss of consciousness if the human body is held motionless in a vertical position for a period of time.

Gravity and immobility is all that is required for a syncopal event to occur in a vertically positioned person; being suspended in a harness allows fainting to occur quicker and it can be lethal.

All people involved in works at height planning, execution and emergency response must be trained how to plan, mitigate and intervene to lessen the risk of onset of suspension trauma. 


This is why HSSE is so important, at Arteak our trainers can prepare all the personnel and workers to be active at any situation, firstly to prevent, and secondly to know what to do in any situation, helping saving lives.