Complex confined spaces, hazardous and explosive atmospheres, work areas at height and hard-to-reach locations; the complete life-cycle of facilities and infrastructures presents work conditions that demand technical skills, competences and qualifications which might exceed those normally reserved to the site personnel. Arteak provides specialized teams composed of qualified and expert operational personnel for industrial rescue services, rope access services, rigging services, dropped objects surveys, confined space inspections and maintenance, hazardous atmospheres sampling and testing.

Industrial Emergency
Rescue Team

In remote locations and complex industrial environments, potential emergency situations require intervention skills that exceed those normally reserved for the site emergency response team and public emergency services, thus compromising promptness of intervention as well as overall effectiveness of the emergency plan.

Arteak provide fully equipped emergency rescue teams with extensive experience in industrial rescue services, able to timely and effectively intervene in complex scenarios such as confined spaces where the injured person is exposed to life-threatening atmospheric conditions, as well as where high angle rope rescue techniques are required for completing the intervention, e.g. wind turbines, pipe racks, tanks and towers.

Arteak ERT technicians are qualified up to internationally recognized standards covering all key areas of expertise that are required for industrial emergency response. This includes Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) Technician, American Heart Association (AHA) CPR, First Aid and AED Provider, International Trauma Life Support (ITLS) Provider certifications. Furthermore, all Arteak ERT technicians receive internal training up to BS EN standards and regulations for advanced confined space entry and rescue with self-contained breathing apparatus.

Industrial Rope Access Team

Industrial rope access systems have been extensively used in different industries and fields such as oil and gas, power and petrochemical, natural environment, built environment, shipping and harbours, confined spaces, renewable energy.

Arteak offers a wide range of services which includes inspections, maintenance and repair of civil and industrial buildings, rigging services for complex lifting operations, geotechnical services, civil engineering and construction, non-destructive testing, cleaning and painting.

Beyond the competitive advantage in terms of time and costs required to carry out activities in hard-to-reach work areas, the recent Work & Safety Analysis Reports (WASA) distributed by IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) International highlights how operations performed according to the IRATA Code of Practice can reduce the incident frequency rate by 90%, as compared to the benchmarks for the industry.

This is why, beyond the minimum legal requirements, we selected the IRATA standards for the qualification of Arteak rope access technicians and for our internal work procedures, so that we can ensure our clients a safe system of work is maintained at all time.

Industrial Confined
Space Team

We provide skilled and experienced operational personnel for inspections and maintenance services of civil and industrial assets which demands entry into complex and high-risk confined spaces, ensuring a consistent application of a safe system of work up to industry standards and code of practices and providing technical skills and equipment required to independently manage entries, as well as any potential emergency rescue intervention.

We use innovative smart technologies for communications and inspections recording, offering the advantages of remote inspections for client personnel appointed for conducting visual and other non-destructive testing in high-risk areas where physical access is required.

We perform atmospheric sampling for lab analysis, as required at risk assessment stage to precisely identify hazardous contaminants potentially present in the space and select adequate control measures,  and we provide qualified OPITO Authorized Gas Testers to perform authorisation measurements and monitor the atmosphere together or on behalf of Client operations personnel.

In the light of our extensive experience, we also provide subject matter experts for consulting services during work planning stage, for the preparation and review of confined space entry procedures, specific risk assessments and emergency rescue plans.

Dropped Objects
Inspections and Surveys

Dropped Objects are among the top 10 causes of Fatality and Serious Injury in the Oil and Gas Industry; at the same time, inadequate management of potential dropped objects may cause severe damage to assets and property.

Arteak provides Dropped Objects Surveys services for drilling companies and other industries facing similar problems (e.g. construction, lifting, logistics, et cetera), with the ultimate goal of dropped object prevention.

We conduct surveys and prepare reports up to internationally recognized best practices and common guidelines, ensuring any potential dropped object is identified, assessed  and recorded such that control measures implemented within the Client’s Asset Management System.

Our qualified IRATA rope access technicians ensure reduction of time, risks and costs required for the completion of exhaustive inspections in difficult locations, furthermore our approach is practical and pro-active, so that we can directly solve as many issues as possible, reducing the amount of failed items that require further actions for closure.


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