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S.M.A.R.T. Service Management Augmented Reality Technology

The world is changing, and industries are in the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution where infrastructure, computing power, multi-physics simulations, virtual and augmented reality drive design and production of new products and services.

Industry 4.0 means “digitalization” and digitalization leads the development of new generation of safety services.

Driven by this current global trend and spurred on by the pandemic, Arteak developed SMART, Service Management Augmented Reality Technology, the innovative solution to bring HSSE services digitally from field to office and from office to field.

Arteak SMART Project is the key to face this challenge and allows companies to do anything, anywhere and at any time.

The migration to a fully digital workflow enabled Arteak to have better control of safety, from office planning to field execution, empowering methods of communication and data capture and analysis.

Thanks to cutting edge technologies, SMART provides services remotely, deploying real time safety expertise directly supporting frontline workforce in the field, seeing what they see and providing them instructions and guidance.

The Arteak SMART Project covers all HSSE services, including management, assurance, surveillance, training as well as real-world/real-time operations.


Traditional Safety Management Systems are based on reporting and data collection.
Arteak SMART project allows the workforce to in-put data and reports instantaneously from anywhere at any time thus avoiding time spent in the office as all information can be shared in immediately with both management and the workforce.


Arteak SMART Project enables safety specialists and key stakeholders to perform safety audits remotely, improving productivity and accuracy, while avoiding travel time.
Safety team members and client management can work together regardless of locations and time zones.
Engineers and inspectors can quickly take photos and videos of every part of a job inspection while performing the task at hand.


In critical work environments, continuous presence, visibility, and availability of Safety professionals on site is the most crucial challenge in order to ensure a safe workplace.
Moving expert specialists around the world has always been a very expensive and, challenging matter which has only been made more difficult due to often changing
travel restrictions.
Arteak SMART Project is the solution.
The Arteak SMART services allow real time interaction between the local frontline supervisor and the remote expert, achieving the goal of effective supervision and continuous training to the workforce.


Arteak SMART Project can support onboarding, alignment and both the traditional training (from remote to site) and the hands-on experience (from site to remote) that is proven to be more effective than traditional one.
Even junior members of the workforce can work like an expert by using Arteak SMART services with mentor providing solutions remotely to: capture images and videos, playback training videos, refer to manuals, and more.
One remote mentor can train many onsite workers, in several sites and the same time.


Arteak SMART Project facilitates quality controls and inspections required at commissioning stages and during asset maintenance with the immediate sharing of evidence (pictures and videos) captured whilst completing activities.
Furthermore, the field workforce engaged in operations can receive real time instructions and interactive guidance by remote experts and Client representatives responsible for quality controls.

High-Impact Benefits

• Enhance Safety
• Reduce operational costs
• Workaround to travel restrictions (reduce or eliminate travels)
• Improve quality of work life
• Improve worker productivity
• Improve accuracy and quality
• Maintain situational awareness
• Eliminate housing costs of visiting experts
• Improved collaboration of multiple teams across different time zones


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