Some jobs need to involve us actively in the operations

Some jobs need to involve us actively in the operations

Some jobs need to involve us actively in the operations:  whenever needed, we provide skilled and experienced operational personnel for inspections and maintenance services of civil and industrial assets which require to enter complex and high-risk confined spaces.

We ensure a consistent application of security systems for industry standards and best practices, providing technical skills and equipment required to independently manage entries in confined spaces, as well as any potential emergency rescue intervention.

We use innovative smart technologies for communications and inspections recording, offering the advantages of remote inspections for Clients with personnel appointed for conducting visual and other non-destructive testing in high-risk areas where physical access is required.

We can also perform atmospheric sampling for lab analyses as required during risk assessment stage to precisely identify hazardous contaminations potentially present in the space and select adequate control measures.  We provide qualified OPITO Authorized Gas Testers to perform authorized measurements and monitor the atmosphere together or on behalf of our Client’s operations personnel.


In light of our extensive experience, we provide experts for specific matters and consulting services during planning stage of the works to prepare and review the confined space entrance procedures along with risk assessments and emergency rescue plans. 


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