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Responsibility, transparency and competency are key values for our clients. Inspired by internationally recognized standards and practices (e.g. OSHA, IOGP RP) we integrate with corporate specifications and specific JV HSSE procedures always respecting local legislation, we offer a range of assurance services which embraces the qualification of suppliers, personnel competency and projects execution phases. Compliance against defined HSSE requirements at different levels within the project’s organization. Our third-party assurance service guarantees independency and transparence of the processes used and provides insights into the internal function of an organisation which is invaluable to project success, setting the road to continuous improvement.

 Safety Academy Programs

The Beyond Green-banding service should be regarded as the completion of the supplier qualification process. It includes document-based analysis and in-depth audits in the field ensuring the quality of the Contractors and the effectiveness of their Safety Management Systems, in order to secure the safe delivery of the projects.

Contractors’ Safety Management Systems are analyzed against both the Client’s and industry requirements.

This allows us to identify any gaps in order for bridging documents and procedures to be created and to provide recommendations to develop a robust Project HSE plan. Jointly we then create suitable project KPIs which will highlight any deviances as well as a recommended plan of action for gap.

This might include the review of HSSE Objectives and Targets, the setting of specific leading HSSE KPIs, the review of Standard Operating Procedures and HSSE Plans, the review of PPE and equipment as well as  recommendations for additional HSSE Surveillance Overlay, etc.

HSSE Competency Assessment

Arteak develops and supports our Clients in establishing structured HSSE competency assurance systems and programs.

The assessment process involves desktop based analysis, individual interviews and site visits conducted by Arteak personnel, focusing on different topics deemed relevant for the job profile of the candidate (e.g. R&R, Soft-skills, LSR, HSSE Policies, procedures and standards for hazardous activities such as Lifting & Hoisting, WAH, Excavations, Confined Space Entry, etc.).

The ultimate goal is to identify and address any potential gap, identifying an action plan that will include specific retraining contents in order to raise the level of competency of the assessed person.

A sufficiently wide database of competency assessment results also allows Arteak to perform a detailed data analysis to identify common areas for improvement, sorted by job profile, country and/or specific key indicators for the topic assessed.

As a result this improves our client’s in creating highly focused corrective strategies that consistently prove vital in achieving continuous improvement.

Site Safety Compliance Assessment

Arteak conducts site safety assessments at Client locations, monitoring and reporting outcomes consistently with Safety Compliance and Assurance Programs as well as Safety Management System’s audit plans.

Our assessments focus on document based analysis with special consideration of the review of key HSSE documentation (e.g. Safety Work Procedures, PTW System, Project HSSE Plans, Risk Assessments and Method Statements, etc.), as well as site visits, to check in the field the actual implementation of procedures in force.

In relation to our competency assessment program, specific analysis are conducted to identify gaps and recommended actions to be taken at both the local and global level; indeed Arteak can support the client in identifying common areas of concerns that can define the content and method of rolling out HSE campaigns and initiatives that can be implemented at Corporate level and cascaded locally.

Self-Performed Site Safety Review Training

Arteak provides orientation training for local resources appointed to manage Site Safety Reviews at site/project level, as part of the overall framework for the safety assurance.

The training program includes both classroom and on-field lessons and covers the following items:

  • Overview of Safety Assurance strategy and framework
  • Review of safety recommended practices and applicable standards
  • Practice runs of Self-performed Site Safety Reviews:
  • Monitoring the implementation of recommended practices and standards applicable for the project
  • Communications of results and actions definition and tracking


At the end of the training course, a de-briefing meeting will be organized with delegates and the project team, to share results of self-assessment practice runs and the opportunities for improvement observed.


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