Working at Height Training Courses

Working at Height Training Courses


The Oil & Gas industry is considered one of the most potentially dangerous working environments and for this reason it is also one of the industries where training is fundamental.  Safety rules are very strict and taken very seriously from companies and workers.

Arteak delivers safety training courses compliant to UK regulations and BS EN standards covering most relevant HSE topics applicable for the industry. We design each training syllabus to integrate contents and recommendations set by the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers.


What is working at Height?

Work at height means: any work in a place where, if that are no precaution in place, a person could fall a distance liable to cause personnel injury. 

One of the most common accident is dropped object from height.  It seems ordinary but Dropped Objects are among the Top 10 causes of fatality and serious Injury in Oil and Gas Industry.


What is a dropped object?

«Any item that falls or falls over from its previous position that has the potential to cause injury, death or equipment / environmental damage.»

It is very important to prevent this kind of hazards by following some simple but very effective rules.

One of these simple but effective rules is to tie the work-tools in a way that in case they get out of hand they do not fall down avoiding the risk of damaging equipment, objects or in worst case kill someone.






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