Working at height training course

Working at height training course

As mentioned in our previous communications, it is very important that whenever personnel Works at Height (WAH) should never work alone.  While using a harness as fall protection there are some very important rules to follow as described here below:

Suspension in your harness after a fall

  1. Use Suspension trauma straps;
  2. Try to make the “invisible bicycle”;
  3. Lift your knees into a sitting position;
  4. Relax as much as possible. Panic makes things worse;
  5. If you can, every few minutes swing yourself upside down.


When you are trapped and cannot move

  1. Strain your leg muscles as hard as you can every 5 seconds;
  2. Breathe slowly and deeply.


In the meantime, it is crucial that IP’s co-workers / supervisor immediately raise the alarm and activate the emergency procedure for the intervention of the WAH rescue team.

All people involved in works at height planning, execution and emergency response must be trained how to plan, mitigate and intervene.

This is why HSSE is so important, at Arteak our trainers can prepare all the personnel and workers to be active at any situation, firstly to prevent, and secondly to know what to do in any situation, helping saving lives.

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