We are ISO certified!

We are ISO certified!

We believe in rules and regulations because they are at the basis of mutual respect and, in particular, when we speak about safety, they are essential to prevent accidents and save lives.

Arteak has three ISO certifications.


ISO is the acronym for “International Organization for Standardization”. It is an organization that deals with defining the technical standards that companies must comply with in order to be aligned with specific evaluation parameters.
It is the most authoritative organization in the world on this subject and whose certifications are among the most valid within the international scene.

No company is required to join by law, it is a voluntary choice.
These certifications are responsible for certifying the compliance of the company with criteria that establish the presence of specific elements within the business processes.

We at Arteak have the following ISO certifications: 9001 – 14001 – 45001.
The ISO 45001 certification was renewed just last week.

Do you know what these certifications mean?

In the next article we will go through every one of them.



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