Meet Arteak: Gabi D Pruteanu


Meet Arteak: Gabi D Pruteanu

Meet Arteak Name Gabi D Pruteanu Role Accounts Administrator at Arteak Ltd London Describe yourself I like team work and when the job that is well done, with professionalism and responsibility. I worked in the financial field since I finished economics high school then I graduated in Finance and Accounting at University of Economy and …

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Arteak Success Story

We are very proud to share this Arteak Success story with you. Recently we have celebrated the achievement of the 100 Goal Zero construction days: a project incentive plan developed at the beginning of the Shell Fire Water Tank Replacement Project. This accomplishment was achieved by the project team by working exceptionally well together, executing …

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Meet Arteak: Stefan Patrascu

Meet Arteak Name Stefan Patrascu Role CSIP Manager Describe yourself Responsible team player who likes building things that lasts. What is Arteak for you? Have you ever imagined that job where you are being listened, guided and feel appreciated? I’ve found that in Arteak and I am committed to foster that type of culture for the …

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Meet Arteak: Terence Turner

  Meet Arteak Name Terence Turner Role General Manager Describe yourself I am a goal orientated problem solver who likes variety in my day-to-day work. What is Arteak for you? For me Arteak is not a company or merely an employer. It is part of the fabric of my life in a way that I …

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Meet Arteak: Federico Sonnante

Meet Arteak Name Federico Sonnante Role Managing Director Describe yourself I like challenges and I feel proactive and engaged when (am at ease) with start-up projects. My professional background is Sales and Marketing and my experience covers different markets and different roles. I have a long experience as a member of the board, managing director …

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The kiss of life

We say very often that the right training combined to a proactive response is the key to avoid potentially hazard situation for life and environment. We would like to share this powerful picture of 1967 called “The Kiss of Life, taken in 1967 by Rocco Morabito. This picture shows utility worker J.D. Thompson giving mouth-to-mouth to co-worker …

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2021 HSSE Objectives

It is important to embrace change to make a step forward and always strive to get better and stronger. As all of us, this past year we faced many difficulties that challenged us in ways that were unthinkable. It was the drive to change that allowed us to reach goals beyond our expectations, and to …

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