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Our clients’ projects often face a high level of complexity which represents a challenge for the management system and the consistent implementation of HSE standards. Arteak integrates the project HSE organogram with highly qualified and specialized personnel, offering a range of services which are defined based on project’s needs and extend from risk assessments to contractors coordination, from expert consulting to on the field supervision, from emergency management coordination to training for the project personnel.


On-field Audits & Inspections


Safety Observations

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HSE Management

Arteak assists the client in the review of key HSSE documents for the project, supporting the planning and implementation of actions required to meet HSSE requirements set by both local legislation and Client’s procedures.

HSE management support services can be provided either by HSSE Manager, who acts on behalf of the client to entirely manage HSSE aspects and coordinate the safe execution of projects delivered by third-party contractors, or by HSSE Advisors, who support the existing HSSE personnel already assigned for the site/project.

We assist in defining clear HSSE objectives for the project, setting leading KPIs and planning HSSE activities to meet the desired targets.

We conduct regular walk-through health and safety reviews, job site safety inspections and PTW audits to check the consistent application of the applicable requirements, identifying deviations and opportunities for improvement and advising for implementation of corrective actions.

We promote the organization of regular safety and coordination meetings with all parties involved, with the aim of correctly managing simultaneous operations and capturing in advance high risk activities, in order to assist contractors in the hazard identification process.

Surveillance Overlay

Discrepancies between the approved work procedures and their actual implementation throughout project execution can be regarded as one of the lead causes for incidents in the workplace.

To assist the local HSSE and Project Management teams in consistently transferring safe work practices from paper to the field, Arteak provides site surveillance overlay services, focusing on high risk activities (e.g. working at height, confined space entry, lifting & hoisting, hot works, energy isolation, heavy equipment and vehicles operations, scaffolding, excavations, underwater construction and maintenance, system testing).

We identify and report unsafe acts and conditions, assist in the intervention and implementation of control measures and promote implementation of HSSE Leadership Visit programs, with the aim of enhancing commitment to safety and visibility on the field of the projects’ management and HSSE personnel and of ensuring follow up on items pending for action.

Our approach is intended to support the growth of competences and safety awareness of the project workforce through on-the-field coaching and mentoring, reviewing safe practices and sharing lessons learnt to prevent recurrence, promote implementation of behavioral based safety and field level risk assessments programs

Arteak extensive international experience made us able to provide, for most of countries around the world, either native speaker HSSE Advisor, able to facilitate communication with the project workforce, or expat personnel which developed strong interpersonal skill in their previous experience in large international projects and is able to adapt interventions to overcome any potential cultural barriers.

ERT Management Support

Competency and preparedness are the keys to ensure successful emergency management in a real case scenario.

Whenever client or contractor personnel is appointed to internally manage the organization of the emergency rescue services, Arteak provides specialized services to define potential scenarios and outline effective rescue plans to effectively manage emergency at height, inside complex confined space or in hazardous atmospheric conditions.

We provide training for the site Emergency Rescue Team (ERT) on advanced rescue equipment and trauma care devices, and promote the organization of regular emergency rescue exercises to test and improve competences and practical skills of designated ERT members, to assure a real intervention shall be performed in a correct and timely manner, thus resulting in a reduction of both potential severity and consequences of injuries.


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