2020 vs. 2019 HSSE Objectives Review

2020 vs. 2019 HSSE Objectives Review

We think that transparency is an important asset of our company this is why we are very proud to share some of our results accomplished during 2020.

We had three main points that we have worked on:

  1. Maintain excellent results for HSE Lagging KPIs
    Our target was to Accomplish “Goal Zero” objectives (no harm, to people, no damage to the environment, no damage to the assets) . This is why we have prepared and distributed Safety Bulletins to raise awareness on most frequent incidents in the industry and share information received during our lessons.
  2. Ensure continuous improvement of HSE performances
    Prevention is the key to achieve great results regarding safety, this is why we believe that HSE trainings are fundamental. To measure this result is important to set suitable HSE Leading KPIs for the overall Companies activities and specific set of KPIs for each project. We review each HSE Leading KPIs Matrix, including KPIs for overall Companies activities and KPIs applicable to each kind of services provided by Arteak.
  3. Maintain ISO 9001:2015, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001:2015 certification
    All Departments joint efforts to successfully undergo external BSI audit for re-certification and maintain conformity from then onwards. All the external audits were conducted in Q1 2020.

We are glad of  the constant trust that all of our clients have in us.   Our success would not be possible to achieve without the effort and the work that all of our Arteak team has shown throughout the year.


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