2021 HSSE Objectives

2021 HSSE Objectives

It is important to embrace change to make a step forward and always strive to get better and stronger.

As all of us, this past year we faced many difficulties that challenged us in ways that were unthinkable. It was the drive to change that allowed us to reach goals beyond our expectations, and to make many steps forward at what we try to do best. In 2021 we want to set up many new objectives that we will pursue with the same passion.

The core Objectives for this year are:

  1. To maintain excellent results for HSE KPIs
    The real challenge when you achieve any result is to keep up with them. This is why our first goal for this year is to maintain the “Goal Zero” results: no harm to people, no damage to the environment, no damage to the assets. We will keep on distributing Safety Bulletins on most frequent incidents in the industry and share knowledge on the lessons we learnt.
  2. To ensure continuous improvement of the HSE performances
    Training is a fundamental part of our work so, to set suitable HSE Leading KPIs for the overall Company activities and specific set of KPIs for each project is absolutely paramount for us. All results must be monitored on defined targets and new strategies must be developed whereas those targets have not been met.
  3. To maintain ISO 9001:2015 ISO 45001 and ISO 14001:2015 certifications
    All Departments will join efforts to successfully undergo external BSI audit for re-certification, and maintain conformity from then on.
  4. To review internal processes for evaluation of Arteak personnel
    Everyone who joins the Arteak teams all over the world is always chosen among the top professionals in their sector. This is not enough for us, as we want to improve and implement the processes for identification of competencies, previous experiences and qualifications required for different job profiles, consistently with the services that needs to be delivered to our clients.
  5. To ensure continuous improvement of Arteak personnel competences and skills
    We care of each and every one of our team members and we think that a continuous professional growth is important.  This is why we are reviewing and upgrading the processes for onboarding and competency assurance, in ways to deliver internal and external training as needed to our team, including high-level HSSE Training (e.g. Incident Investigation, BBS, Leadership, etc …)

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