Meet Arteak: Terence Turner

Meet Arteak: Terence Turner


Meet Arteak


Terence Turner


General Manager

Describe yourself

I am a goal orientated problem solver who likes variety in my day-to-day work.

What is Arteak for you?

For me Arteak is not a company or merely an employer. It is part of the fabric of my life in a way that I could not have imagined.

Often in life, events happen that change the entire course of your existence without you knowing it at the time and for me one of those events was when I first met the Director of Arteak almost 10 years ago regarding the position of General Manager. At that point Arteak was mostly just a concept but it was an exciting one, and the opportunity was a fine challenge and if we succeeded, we would achieve something outstanding. Of course, if we failed, I would have been unemployed, but I felt confident and enthusiastic that we could make it work and I decided to join Arteak. 

In those early days of forming Arteak we worked hard on turning the idea in to a reality and perhaps in my naivety I did not quite realize the challenges involved with such a task.

Whilst I had a background in Health and Safety management within the Oil Industry, it did not prepare me for the sheer number of duties and activities that go with starting a business. In the early days of Arteak I was involved in everything, from creating our first email accounts to taking on our first offices to meeting with potential clients. Literally every aspect of Arteak in the early days I had involvement in and I look at our company today and cannot believe how far we have come on our journey and I am happy to say we are succeeding in our goal as almost 10 years later we employ over 70 technicians across the world providing our services in countries spanning numerous time zones having offices in UK, Singapore, Italy and South Africa. With each member of our team providing specialist Health and Safety services making a real difference to help prevent accidents and injuries and ensuring the safety of real men and women so they get to go home at the end of each day to their families which is something I can look on with pride. 

However, if I was to try to identify what elements of our business make Arteak a success and what Arteak truly means to me, the answer is very simple: the people.

The Arteak team is made up of the of the finest experts in the industry who have both professional experience and qualifications that are second to none. But in my time at Arteak handling many aspects of recruitment we came to realize that a person’s CV is only part of their suitability for working with us. To work with Arteak we found that our staff needed something more, something quite unquantifiable on paper, we needed to be sure that those who were to join our team were passionate about what they did and engaged not only the problems they faced on site but also and in some ways more importantly engage with the people in the field to effect real safety culture change.

So to be part of Arteak our people see their involvement with us and what we do not as a just a career but a vocation, for an Arteak Team Member there is no 9 to 5, there are no weekends… there is a just a group of people that are passionate about what they do, setting out each day to make difference and it is my continued and distinct honor and privilege to work with this team every day, excited for what is to come and also being  able look back on those early days with pride with what we have achieved so far.   





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