Meet Arteak: Federico Sonnante

Meet Arteak: Federico Sonnante

Meet Arteak


Federico Sonnante


Managing Director

Describe yourself

I like challenges and I feel proactive and engaged when (am at ease) with start-up projects.

My professional background is Sales and Marketing and my experience covers different markets and different roles. I have a long experience as a member of the board, managing director and consultant for several companies, both Italian and International.

In 2016 I was appointed as Arteak Managing Director with the purpose of creating an innovative way of managing safety in the high-risk industry.

In the past five years, we succeeded in growing day by day, increasing our competence, team, clients and, consequently, turnover.

What is Arteak for you?

All employees in Arteak aim to continuous improvement and work shoulder to shoulder to get the result.

The recipe of this success is mainly due to four factors and every day we strive to implement them in our business:

  • competence
  • ideas
  • research
  • innovation


Arteak pays great attention to expertise because without it we cannot perform at our best.


This is the century of ideas and ideas come from people. This is the reason why people are the center of Arteak world.


We invest a lot of energy in research, both from a human and technological point of view in order to improve our services.


This is the result of the implementation of Competence, Ideas and Research.  Innovation cannot be achieved without them.

Arteak is my guiding light for safety in the high risk industry.



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