Meet Arteak: Nestor Alcoreza

Meet Arteak: Nestor Alcoreza

Meet Arteak


Nestor Alcoreza



Describe Yourself

I am a person of faith. I love my family and I try to spend time with them as much as possible. I like to play sports and I work hard: I always try to meet my objectives and achieve new goals.

What is Arteak for you?

Arteak means a lot to me. It is a good company and during the pandemic always paid me.  I appreciated that very much.

Even though I am far away in the Philippines, the communication and the support is clear because of Arteak’s global set-up and strategy. The management support is always very responsive every time there are some issues in the East PMO.

I hope that I will continue working for Arteak I look forward to growing with safety achievements and face new challenges such as coaching, assurance and training along with the virtual learning process and development for every site.

Favorite quote

I can and I will!


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