Industrial rope access

Industrial rope access

If prevention and adequate HSSE training are the base to ensure a higher safety level and prevent injuries, some operations need also active preparation and knowledge, such as the industrial rope access.

This service have been tailored for the different industries sectors and functions of our clients such as oil and gas, power and petrochemical, natural environment, built environment, shipping and harbors, confined spaces as well as renewable energy. 

We offer this service for a wide range of operations which includes inspections, maintenance and repair of civil and industrial buildings, rigging services for complex lifting operations, geotechnical services, civil engineering and construction, non-destructive testing, cleaning and painting. 

Besides the competitive advantage in terms of time and costs required to carry out activities in hard-to-reach working areas, the recent Work & Safety Analysis Reports (WASA) distributed by IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) International highlights how operations performed according to the IRATA Code of Practice can reduce the incident frequency rate by 90% compared to the benchmarks carried out for the same industry.

This is why, in addition to the minimum legal requirements, we selected the IRATA standards for the qualification of Arteak rope access for technicians establishing our internal working procedures. This is to ensure a safe working system recognized and appreciated at international level that is maintened during the time.


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