Protecting employees from any hazard, risk or injury is called safety

Protecting employees from any hazard, risk or injury is called safety



HSE TRAINING: knowledge is at the base for safety in the Oil&Gas Industry

Protecting employees from any hazard, risk, or injury is called safety.

This condition is not something casual, is a conjunction of activities to improve the workforce competence and the environment they work at, according to the necessity and the legislation on this matter.

 This is why Arteak designs and delivers HSE training courses focused on standards, safety working procedures and industry best practices, covering most relevant HSE topics applicable within Oil&Gas industry.

Arteak training courses are delivered according to applicable UK regulations and BS EN standards and designed to integrate contents and recommendations set by IOGP, resulting in an optimal application to the Oil&Gas industry.

This approach has proven to be highly appreciated worldwide, especially by major O&G companies involved in the execution of projects in countries where the minimum requirements set by the local legislation are not in line with the expected standards and do not cover applicable international codes of practice.

 Arteak’s competent and highly qualified trainers are experts on general issues related to health and safety in this industry, as well as on specific topics such as, for example, Working at Height, Scaffolding, Confined Space Work, Rope Access, Rescue, First Aid, CPR & AED, Trauma Care.


Wherever required, our extensive experience in the provision of HSE services for the industry, make us able also to support the project  management by providing HSE training coordinators profiles, to  support the Client’s HSE Department in the preparation of HSE training matrix for projects, setting training requirements applicable to different job profiles, in the design of dedicated training structures for practical sessions to be held at the Client’s locations, in the definition of equipment and other resources required for a proper delivery of training courses, and of course in the general arrangements and scheduling of training initiatives.



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