The simple rules

The simple rules

The 2021 has started from a couple of weeks and we are very excited about some news we want to present this year.

Despite the positivity and the hope for a better year for everyone in the world, we cannot loose our focus on safety and remember that COVID-19 is still among us.

Our Job is to prevent risk and hazard, this is why at our HSSE courses we follow simple rules to assure everyone safety and still delver high quality training.

The following are the precaution taken at the training room during sessions that are applied as follows:

  • Seats  identified, marked and placed considering social distance 1.5 m at each direction;
  • Masks must be always in use during training sessions;
  • Hygiene materials as disinfectants, cologne or wet towels are always available at the entrance and in the training room;
  • Training sessions duration are kept shorter, each session duration is 30 minutes with 15 minutes breaks;
  • Air-conditioners are not in use and natural air circulation is preferred at break.

This simple rules that were taken last year are still valid in 2021 and are one of the crucial key part for a better and safer year.


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