How do you wash your hands?

How do you wash your hands?

Safety does not always come from major actions.  There are small gestures that we practice every day that sometimes we give for granted that are actually of a fundamental importance.

We wash our hands many times during our day but during the pandemic is crucial to do it properly. In our HSSE trainings we do this simple demonstrative exercise that we think is very helpful to understand how either at work or at home we can prevent the spreading of COVID-19 and of other viruses or potentially dangerous bacteria.

The demonstration is very simple but effective: during the lesson one of our trainers sprays some fluorescent liquid on the hands of our trainees and afterwards is asked to wash the hands.

With a UV light is clear if hands are washed in a proper manner or approximately.

Danger might not always be visible; our job is to teach how to deal with any hazard situation.


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