2021 Arteak Safety Recognition Program

2021 Arteak Safety Recognition Program

In safety, everyone must take an active role, this is why we have developed the Arteak Safety Recognition Program.

This project aims to motivate employees to be actively involved in all aspects of safety, therefore a proactive incentives scheme is promoted.

To do this we have different awards of which categories are defined on a yearly basis.

Each year we face different challenges, and Arteak is always on point to provide services that evolves with our client’s needs.

The HSE Objectives and Targets defined for this year and the overall priorities of the HSE MS are:

  1.  Best safety culture contribution
  2. Best HSE advisor
  3. Best Flash HSE intervention
  4. Outstanding bravery achievement
  5. HSE client recognition
  6. Longstanding HSSE contribution

At Arteak we like to speak with facts more than with words, that’s why the criteria for safety awards have always been selected among leading KPIs commonly used for Arteak projects, preferring measurable targets and safety goals.


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