SMART: Service Management Augmented Reality Technology

SMART: Service Management Augmented Reality Technology

At Arteak we are used to challenge ourselves.  Most of all we know that challenges are best faced together as a team. We have always been used to teamwork both because of the specific nature of our activities which involve safety and emergencies sometimes in hard workplaces and because of the personal background of each one of us.  More simply we know that two heads think better than one. This is why we are happy to present our Arteak SMART project, the future of safety: an innovative solution to digitally bring HSE services from field work to the office and vice versa. Arteak’ s SMART project is the key to address this challenge and allow companies to do everything, anywhere and at any time.  For some time now we have been successfully using “Assisted Reality” which allows us to connect our site technicians in real time with experts, trainers, personnel of our clients and anyone in distance removing the limits of space and time.



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