Assisted Reality – the work safety revolution

Assisted Reality – the work safety revolution

We believe that our Arteak SMART project is revolutionary in our sector. It covers almost all HSE services from planning to management passing through assurance, supervision, staff training, emergency management and remote assistance to staff and operators.  All this is possible in real time anywhere on the globe.

Let’s have a look together more closely on how this project is essential and considered a game changer for this sector.



Traditional Safety Management Systems are based on data collection and their analysis. The Arteak SMART project allows the workforce to enter data instantly along with observations and reports from anywhere at any time thus avoiding the time spent in the office as all information can be shared immediately with both management and on-site operators.

Also sharing of documentation, databases, technical drawings is possible directly from the headquarters to the site and vice versa.



Arteak SMART Project allows security specialists and customer management to perform remote audits, improve productivity and accuracy, avoiding waste of time in traveling.

Technicians and auditors can take photographs and videos of every single inspection session.  Moreover, the Arteak team can collaborate with the customer’s management regardless of different places and time zones.



In high-risk working environments, the continuous presence, visibility and availability of safety professionals on site are crucial for ensuring a safe workplace.

At the same time, moving experienced specialists around the world is an expensive and complex activity which is now been exacerbated due to the often changing travel restrictions.

Arteak SMART services enable real-time interaction between the local frontline supervisor and the remote expertise, achieving the goal of effective supervision and ongoing training and involvement of the workforce.


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