Refresh Trainings – CSTS

Refresh Trainings – CSTS

There is only one way to improve in life and this way is training.

In our life and while working it is crucial to constantly grow, learn and develop new skills.

At Arteak we believe that training is essential and at the base for HSE to prevent any harmful situations and to be proactive in case of emergency.


This is why we periodically execute some Refresh trainings in order to guarantee continuity and readiness of ERT Performance, focusing an all different areas of ERT practices on site, Side by side with the Drills Performed to keep the team sharp and ready in case of emergency.


Here two examples of practical Refresh Trainings we have recently given in Indonesia at Tannugh for the CSTS union.


The focus of this trainings was on Kick-off rescue:

One of the sessions started with a small discussion with the local Emergency team about the rescue scenario and watch their technique and afterwards our Arteak trainer explain to the workers the right method and the safest and fastest way to do it.

The second part of the exercitation was practical, testing the improved methods.

Another session was done to test the Tension Line Rescue/rope rescue systems for MedEvac of IP from elevated work areas.


“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.” – Henry Ford






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