Why SMART is a revolution for HSE & Safety sector?

Why SMART is a revolution for HSE & Safety sector?

Why SMART – SERVICE MANAGEMENT AUGMENTED REALITY TECHNOLOGY – is a revolution for the HSE & Safety sector? Let’s go through the strength points of this service.


–       Remote and real-time management of a wide range of HSE services (safety management, assurance, supervision, training, support for field operations …)


–       Real-time management of reports, photos and videos directly from the field


–       Real-time data analysis and verification by senior management


–       Involvement of junior / local resources during field activities


–       Increased time in the field by reducing office work


–       Standardization and improvement of data flow


–       Reduction of operating costs (personnel and logistics)


–       Continuity of activities in the event of travel restrictions (pandemics and force majeure)


–       Improved reporting (instant reports)


–       Improvement of the perception of the real situation of the site (accessible at any time)


–       Faster staff alignment and training


–       Prompt support in case of emergencies


–       Involvement of multiple teams even in different time zones


Since 2011 we have been delivering innovative services, projects and our know-how and experience all around the globe.

With SMART we are not only more effective, but closer to where our help is mostly needed everywhere and at all times.

Goal Zero, is one step closer.


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